I’m humble and welcoming. I’m the mother of 2 boys and I arrived in South Africa in April 2010. I’m a professional hairdresser with a constant ambition to learn new things. As we say, life is a fight, I’m trying my best to face my challenges with faith and a positive mind. I love doing my work, and I do it with passion. I’m also looking for more support to fulfill my expectations. I like to cooperate with others and my relatives, to persevere… Together we can!

My life wasn't good. Throughout my youth, I always had tears in my life, but I knew somehow I would make it, I did my best to be who I am, and I am proud of myself, because nothing can stop me from moving forward. That’s why even now I am still studying to build and secure my future, even if is not easy. But I hope everything will be fine. YES I CAN!

My name is Linda, I was born in February 1988 into a family of 8 children – 5 girls and 3 boys. I’ve been married to Mr. Junior since 2016, and I have one girl of 3 three years and one of 9 months. I’m from the Democratic Republic of Congo, but I live in South Africa with my husband and my daughters.

Hello! Ellade in Luganda! Nigahi in Runyankole Rukiga, my language 😀 I am a proud single mother of 1 child, currently living in Port Elizabeth. I’ve been self-employed now for 6 years, I’m from Uganda, and I work hard to support my family. Not everything has been easy since my childhood. I was born and raised by a single mother and l grew up struggling, until l decided to come to South Africa for greener pastures, so that l can support myself and my family back in Uganda. I hope one day my dreams will come true, and l will make it by God's Grace. Here in South Africa, we are in lockdown, trying to fight this coronavirus, but with God’s grace, we are going to fight back! That’s me, mama Anitah!

Bonjour! I’m a lovely mother of three children and married to a lovely person. I'm from the Congo. I arrived in South Africa 11 years ago, and I’m not working at the moment. I'm the first child of my mom and I have four siblings and a stepfather. I studied accounting in Congo Kinshasa. I wish to study how to cook more recipes, and I want to become a chef. I hope to get the opportunity to study and work. I know one day I will!

My name is Yoyotte – I’m self-employed, working independently in a hair salon here in Port Elizabeth. I’m a qualified nurse in the DRC, but due to the reality here [in South Africa] as a foreigner, I couldn’t find a job and so life was tough for me. Then, I decided to use what God has given me, so I decided to start my own business. Braiding hair is my passion, it’s like a gift God gave me, and this is why I’m using it. Like I said, I’m a certified nurse, but here in South Africa I also completed my certificate in Accounting Science and am currently doing daily financial accounting. I’m happily married and a mother of two. I’m a self-made woman who likes distinction in everything I do. I always push myself to be among the best. I detest humiliation, and this is why I give my best in everything, to be there… among the best! I know with the power of God, who made me who I am, I’m going to do good things. Amen! Thank you so much!

Hello everyone, my name is la femme Sounamite, I’m a congolaise married to a camerounais man, I’m the mother of 2 handsome boys, and we live in Port Elisabeth. La femme Sounamite… she is a hard worker and an independent woman; she has a small business to make a living, but also has a national [Congolese] diploma in hospitality. She has also worked in sewing and as a caregiver, all just trying to make a living. All her life she liked to commit, everything with God’s hand, and she also likes to socialize with other people. Thank you, and I'm not going to forget my PE ladies for their efforts, love and focus! ❤

Bonjour! I’m maman Nasser, and I’m a proud mother of one child. I arrived in South Africa 6 years ago and I’m one of the women in the Congolese community. I'm living in Port Elizabeth and I'm a business woman who sells congolaise food. Since I was young, I was praying to be a brave woman and now I am how I wanted to be. Even if here in South Africa there are no jobs, I survive by selling food and working in the salon. Even if it’s difficult, I know everything will work out for me.