Join us for an evening of queer stories and interactions during the Queer Poetry Night at Framer Framed on the 6th of August. In commemoration of Pride, Unwanted Words and LIMBO present a stage for community engagement and a safer space for queer expression.

Admission free, reservation is required via Eventbrite.
Please register to perform during the Open Mic from the link.

As a collective, Unwanted Words take a stance against racism, xenophobia, ableism and other forms of structural and direct discrimination. As a collective, they organise a series of poetry nights for queer expressions and encourage all queer voices to take to the stage their literary works.

The event in Framer Framed will be part of this ongoing series of Queer Poetry Nights by Unwanted Words. The collaboration was inspired by the Framer Framed collaboration with the LIMBO collective. LIMBO started as a project that welcomes all queer individuals with a refugee background to create meaningful interactions, knowledge and skill acquisition.

The night will start with literary performances by Nimruz A. De Castro, Joey Veldberg, Nakimera Jackie & Caleb Edward Macauley, followed by a drag performance by Sly Fox. We’ll end the night with the Open Mic where all queer voices are encouraged to take the mic and share their literary work.

Most forms of literary expression are allowed during the Open Mic, such as spoken word, poetry, op-eds, drama, and performances, as long as the speakers commit to comply with the 5-minute maximum allocated time per person. It is important to mention that we encourage freedom of speech. However, we want to keep a safe space where both the speakers and the audience feel at home and we feel nurtured and safe. So any forms of hate speech or targeted attacks on a community, group, or individual are not allowed.

This event is part of the 4th edition of Queer Currents festival. Queer Currents is an events platform that brings more content and culture to Queerness. Their goal is to bring more diverse and inclusive, relevant content, culture and art to the Pride Amsterdam weeks.


Unwanted Words is the first platform for up & coming LGBTQ+ poets and Spoken Word artists in Rotterdam & around. We seek to offer opportunities for queer connection and growth such as Queer Poetry Nights series, spoken word workshops and digital content that promote and amplify queer voices from an intersectional approach. The goal of the collective as a platform is to create spaces for LGBTQ+ talent to thrive and connect with like-minded communities.

The event will be photographed and filmed. Please let us know in advance if you don’t prefer your picture or video taken.


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