In the overview below, you find all the publications that have been coming out of our 'Engaged Scholarship and Narratives of Change'-project. If you are interested in the core works that have inspired our work, please check the page Engaged Literatures. If you are interested in other publications in the field of engaged scholarship, please see our elaborate literature list.


  • Ghorashi, H. (2021) normalising power and engaged narrative methodology: refugee women, the forgotten category in the public discourse. Feminist Review 129: pp. 48-63. 
  • Holle, F., Rast, M. C. & Ghorashi, H. (2021) Exilic (Art) Narratives of Queer Refugees Challenging Dominant Hegemonies. Front. Sociol. 6:641630. doi: 10.3389/fsoc.2021.641630
  • Rast M. C. (2021) Walls, Cracks and Change: The Challenges and Opportunities of Critically Engaged Research Within Current Academic and Refugee Research Structures. Critical Sociology. doi:10.1177/08969205211034227